New Generation Capture and our Beta Program

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New Generation Capture

New Generation Capture (NGC) is a complete redesign of the Capture back office user experience. 

Building on the deep foundations of Capture's back office capabilities, we are delivering a simpler, more efficient and totally updated user interface for those managing digital asset portfolios through Capture.

NGC screens will be rolled out in regular increments with each new fortnightly release.  They will operate alongside and in conjunction with existing Classic Capture (CC) screens.  Users can toggle between the two experiences at any point.


Two new features that are included on all NGC screens are Help Centre and Feedback links.


Help Centre

Every NGC screen has a corresponding Help Centre page which describes the features and capabilities of the screen in detail.




We welcome frequent feedback! 

A Feedback button is fixed on the right-hand side of all NGC screens.  Users can provide feedback in as much or as little detail as they like.  We also welcome suggestions as to new capabilities you would like us to introduce.



Beta Program

NGC screens are being delivered through Capture's Beta Program.  This allows users early access to our latest product improvements and technical advancements.

The Beta Program is divided into quarterly stages with the first two stages running in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2023 respectively.

During the beta stage, all clients can access the capabilities of the beta program at no cost, except for MFA. A month prior to transitioning from the beta phase to live status, clients will receive advance notification regarding the relevant packaging and pricing details for the new capabilities.


Beta One

Launches : 11th July 2023

Beta One is the first opportunity for the Capture community to experience NGC.  As well as the conversion of a number of existing CC screens to our new design philosophy, Beta One also launches with these new features:

  • A dashboard providing an at-a-glance insight into system-wide performance.
  • Back office Multi-Factor Authentication for enhanced security.*
  • Image and video editing for new content creation.

More CC screens will be converted and included in fortnightly releases throughout the 3 month Beta One period.

Navigation and workflow during Beta One will remain consistent with that of Classic Capture.

*Please note that MFA will not be turned on automatically during the Beta program.  Please contact your account manager for further details on how to have this feature enabled.


Enabling Beta One

To enable Beta One, please turn it on using the toggle in the header of the Capture back office.

With Beta One enabled, any screens that have been converted to New Generation Capture will be displayed in that style.  Users can turn Beta One off at any point using the toggle switch again.


Beta Two

Launches: Q1 2024

Beta Two will include all improvements made during the Beta One phase plus two significant new developments:

  • The NGC replacement to Browse & Search, Advanced Search and Picture Desk.
  • New workflows and navigation.

New Generation search will include significant performance as well as usability improvements and see greater alignment with our current front-end search.


Further Beta stages

Details of Beta Three and beyond will be announced later in 2023.


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