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Gain a comprehensive understanding of all facets related to the digital assets managed by Capture.

The reports page enables users to go beyond the Dashboard insights and dive deeper into an analysis of digital asset performance. This section provides a collection of pre-set reports or features and tools to generate and view various types of reports related to the assets and activities within the Capture Visual Media Management system.


Within the Report page, back-office administrators can add new, view, edit, download or delete the report.



Group   Add New

On the Report page, navigate to Add New icon, this will initiate a form in Classic Capture where you will be required to provide more information on the type of report you want to generate.


This could be assets, web users, commissions or any other report category available in your system. There you can determine the parameters or criteria for your report, including specific timeframes, assets, users, metadata fields, or any other relevant filters that define the scope of the report.



Within the Reports page, the user can view, edit, download or delete a report.



Screenshot   View

To view the report, choose the report you want to view based on your requirements, such as asset usage, user activity, metadata analysis, or compliance. Locate the View icon and initiate the report generation process. This will retrieve the relevant data and generate the report based on the specified parameters.


Screenshot   Edit

In the Capture Visual Media Management system, users have the option to customise reports by setting additional parameters. This allows users to refine data included in the report, they can adjust time frames, apply additional filters, or select specific asset categories or user groups. By customising the available parameters, users can influence the content and focus of the report.


To modify the report navigate to the Edit option on the Report page and initiate the process by clicking on the Edit button.


Screenshot   Download 

If needed, the Capture Visual Media Management system provides the ability to export reports. Navigate to the desired report and click on the download button. You will be prompted with a list of available formats. Select the format you would like to retrieve and click the Download option to initiate the process.


Once the download is complete, navigate to the location where the download is directed to your computer or device.


Screenshot   Delete

Within the reports section, identify the specific report that needs deleting. Navigate to the delete button associated with the selected report. The action will prompt to confirm the deletion of the report before permanently removing it. This confirmation step helps prevent accidental deletions. Read the confirmation message carefully and click delete to proceed with the action.


The system will remove the selected report from the reports section. Verify that the report has been successfully deleted by checking that it is no longer listed or displayed within the reports section.


It's important to exercise caution when deleting reports, as the action is usually irreversible. Make sure to review the deletion choices carefully to avoid the unintended removal of important data or information.


Users can often export generated reports in various formats such as PDF, CSV, and more. This allows for further analysis, sharing with stakeholders, or integration with other reporting tools. There is also an option to automate report generation and distribution.




The reports section in the Capture Visual Media Management system enhances data-driven decision-making by providing users with valuable insights into asset usage, user behaviour, metadata completeness, compliance, and other relevant metrics. It empowers organisations to measure the effectiveness of their system, optimise asset management processes, and make informed decisions to drive business success.

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