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Enable easier collaboration for front end users with lightboxes.

Lightbox is a Capture term defining a curated collection of assets by the front-end users.


The Lightboxes page provides back-office administrators with a list of Lightboxes available in the system. This is a convenient way for the back-office administrators to access and organise or troubleshoot the collections.




Front and back-office users can easily access the Lightboxes to view and retrieve assets without having to search or browse through the entire asset repository.




Filters within the Lightboxes page allow users to refine and narrow down their Lightbox searches based on specific criteria.

By using a filter, you can streamline your Lightbox management and quickly access your preferred sets within the page.


Filters help you focus on specific subsets of assets, enabling efficient browsing, searching, and retrieval.


How to use filters?

Click on the filter icon to prompt the filter form.


You can filter by:

  • Name

  • Last Name

  • Company Name

  • Email

  • Lightbox Name

Once you have made your selection, apply it to the asset library. This action will instruct the system to display only the Lightboxes that match your criteria.



 To clear your search, remove the filter term and click on the apply button.




Within the Lightboxes page, you have the ability to view, edit and duplicate lightboxes.




Screenshot   View

To preview Lightboxes, simply click on the View icon associated with the Lightbox. This action triggers the system to open a Classic Capture preview window with all the assets available within the selected Lightbox.


After you have finished viewing the assets, you can use the back button in your browser to navigate back to the New Generation Capture Lightboxes page.


Screenshot   Edit

Edit - enables you to update and modify Lightbox information, metadata, and properties.


Screenshot     Duplicate

The Duplicate icon enables you to make an exact copy of the Lightbox directly from the Lightbox list. It copies all of the assets and information already available within the Lightbox, enabling you to organise and add new assets at speed.


This can be useful when you want to create variations, work with multiple versions, or utilise similar assets without modifying the original files.




Enables back you to see the total amount of assets in the selected Lightbox:




Provides information on the user that created the Lightbox. It also enables you to contact the owner of the Lightbox directly by clicking on the envelope icon or to review their profile by selecting their registered name.






The Lightbox list in the Capture Visual Media Manager is designed with the user in mind, offering a convenient way to curate and access preferred assets. It significantly improves efficiency, personalisation, and organisation, resulting in a smoother and more productive user experience.



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