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Manage Users

Create and manage back-office users and permissions in the system.

The Manage Users page provides the ability for system administrators or authorised users to control back-office user accounts settings within the Capture Visual Media Management system.





Group   Add New Account

Navigate to the Add New icon. This will take you to the User Details screen. If necessary click on the DETAILS tab on the left to return to this screen. Enter a first and last name, a password and an email address. These four fields are mandatory. The email address will be used as the user name to login to the back office system. (Note that this is different from Classic Capture when a user name could be specified independently of an email address.)

Optionally enter address information and a telephone number if required.


Click on SETTINGS on the left to set the user group, the date, the number of results to be shown per page for this user, and if required, the default profile to be shown in the Metadata/Keyworder screen. The user group is the only mandatory field in this screen.


Click on PERMISSIONS to set the user rights as shown below. The User Permissions are organised into the following five groups: Assets, CRM, Finance, Keywording, Languages and Input. The screen shot below shows some permissions set for asset management.







Within the Manage Users page, a system administrator has the ability to edit or delete back-office users.



Screenshot   Edit

Edit enables a back-office system administrator to view and edit user profiles. This includes updating user information, modifying contact details, and managing profile settings. It allows administrators to maintain accurate user records and ensure that user profiles reflect the most up-to-date information. The editing screens have the same appearance as when creating a new user entry (see above).


NB: A back-office administrator can also initiate this action by clicking on a user's name within the Manage Users page or email the user directly by clicking on the envelope icon.


Screenshot   User Account Deactivation

If needed, the Manage Users page functionality allows administrators to deactivate or remove back-office user accounts. This can be useful when a user no longer requires access to the system or when their role or employment changes. Deactivating or removing a user account typically revokes their access rights and removes them from the user list.



Managing User Profiles

Managing Users involves assigning specific roles and permissions to each user account.


The Capture Visual Media Management system offers predefined roles such as system administrator, contributors, keyworder, or allows system administrators to create custom roles with granular permission settings. By assigning roles, administrators control what actions and functionalities each back-office user can perform.


This is also where a user account can be unlocked after multiple verification failures. Learn more about multi-factor authentication here.




From the Manage Users page, a back-office administrator can contact the user directly by clicking on the envelope icon. This will open a new window with the email address pre-filled in the recipient field.




To review a user's profile, click on the registered user's name.




The Manage Users functionality within the Capture Visual Media Management system equips system administrators with essential tools to efficiently create, organize, and oversee user accounts, roles, and permissions in the back-office. This feature guarantees access control, enhances security, and facilitates seamless administration of the system, promoting effective collaboration and streamlined asset management within the organization.



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