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Hot Folders

Maximise efficiency with automated ingestion and distribution workflows.

A Hot Folder is the Capture term for an ingestion tool. It is used to import digital assets into the Visual Asset Management system and facilitates the seamless and organised transfer of assets from various sources.




This can include local drives, network folders, cloud storage, external devices, or other connected systems. It provides a user-friendly interface to select and import assets into the system.



Hot Folders and Metadata 

As assets are ingested, the Hot Folder can assign metadata to the assets. Metadata includes information such as title, description, keywords, copyright details, creation date, author, and any other relevant information about the assets. The ingestion function allows users to enter this metadata manually or automatically extract it from the asset file or associated sources.


A Hot folder can be used for manual ingestion or set up for automated ingestion with a variety of rules, approvals, or automated actions. For example, assets may need to go through an approval process or have metadata automatically assigned based on predefined rules during the ingestion.


Bulk Ingestion

Hot folders in the Capture Visual Media Management system offer support for bulk ingestion, enabling users to import multiple assets or entire folders in a single action. This time-saving feature eliminates the need for ingesting assets individually, streamlining the process and reducing effort for users.



How to Ingest?

Ensure that the assets you want to ingest into the system are properly organised and ready for ingestion.


Launch the Capture Visual Media Management system and navigate to the Hot Folders section.




Choose the Hot Folder that has the right set-up for the ingestion task and click on the name to proceed.




You will be directed to the Classic Capture screen, where you can proceed with your regular workflow using your normal process.


The Hot Folder will handle the file transfer and metadata assignment based on the specified configuration.




Within the Hot Folder page, the user has the ability to duplicate, edit or delete the Hot Folder.




Screenshot   Duplicate

Duplicate - enables back office users to make an exact copy of the Hot Folder already available in the system. It copies all of the settings and preferences of that folder, enabling the user to efficiently organise and add new Hot Folders at speed.


Screenshot   Edit

Edit - enables users to configure specific requirements for the ingestion process. This can include settings related to metadata extraction, validation rules, or any other specific requirements of your Capture Visual Media Management system.


Screenshot   Delete

Delete - allows users to permanently remove Hot Folders from the Visual Asset Management system. Clicking on the Delete button initiates the deletion process for the selected folder.


It's important to exercise caution when deleting Hot Folders, as the action is usually irreversible. Make sure to review the deletion choices carefully to avoid the unintended removal of important data or information.




The colour flag feature enables users to assign specific colours to the Hot Folder and its associated assets.

By applying colour flags to assets, back-office users can easily categorise, search, and manage their content visually.

To assign a colour flag, the back office user should access the edit button within the settings and preferences of the Hot Folder in the Classic Capture screen.

Choose the desired colour to be applied to the Hot Folder, and then save the changes to apply the selected colour flag.



The desired colour will be clearly shown within the Hot Folder list and will be applied to all the assets that come through that specific Hot Folder.







Monitor and Review

During the ingestion process, you can monitor progress using the Hot Folder monitoring system or the processing queue to ensure that the assets are ingested correctly.


The ingestion tool within the Classic Capture system provides a progress bar and status updates to keep you informed.



All active Hot Folders will have an 'In Progress' icon under the processing section.




Group   Add New Account

To create a new Hot Folder click on the Add New icon within the page. This will initiate a form in Classic Capture where you will be required to provide more information on Hot Folder settings and preferences. 

Once saved, your new Hot Folder will be added to the Hot Folder list.




The Hot Folder ingestion functionality within the Capture Visual Media Management system optimises and simplifies the process of importing digital assets. It guarantees effective metadata management, secure file transfer, and compliance with the storage and delivery requirements of the Capture Visual Media Management system.


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