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Organise group hierarchies to enhance overall asset management.

Groups offer front-end users a customized perspective of assets that are organized based on specific themes, projects, or campaigns.

The groups page presents a comprehensive summary of all accessible groups within your system, indicating the status and visibility of each group for front-end users. It also allows for convenient organization and editing of groups, facilitating user-friendly navigation and collaboration within the system.


Groups can be based on various criteria, such as project, department, campaign, or any other logical grouping that suits your organisation's needs.


Managing Groups

Once groups are created, users can perform various management tasks. This includes editing, renaming and/or deleting groups, or reorganising assets within groups.



The group pages provide an overview of the permissions and access rights for a specific group. This allows administrators to control who can view and/or download the assets within a specific group, providing enhanced security and privacy controls.




Browse and Search

Group pages provide a convenient way to browse and search assets within a specific group. Users can navigate through curated groups and quickly locate the assets they need without having to search the entire system.




Within the Group page, the user has the ability to edit or delete groups.



Screenshot   Delete

The Delete button is a function that empowers users to permanently delete a group from the Visual Asset Management system. By clicking on the delete button, the system initiates the deletion process for the selected group, ensuring its complete removal from the system.


Screenshot    Edit

The Edit button enables users to update and modify group information, metadata, and properties.




By utilizing the group pages in New Generation Capture, you can efficiently organize, categorize, and oversee your digital assets, resulting in enhanced overall efficiency, collaboration, and asset retrieval capabilities.


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