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To login to the Capture Visual Media Management back-office, open a web browser and navigate to the URL for your Capture Visual Media Management back-office system, usually your domain name with /COO appended e.g. https://yourdomain.com/COO


Enter your registered username or email address in the respective fields. 


In the password field, enter the password associated with the username or email address. Passwords are typically case-sensitive, so ensure that the correct uppercase and lowercase letters are used. 



After entering your username and password, review the information for accuracy. Once you are confident that the details are correct, click on the 'Login' button to submit the form.


It may take a few seconds to process the information and validate your login.


Successful Login

If your credentials are correct, and the authentication process is successful, the login page will redirect you to the New Generation Capture - Dashboard. At this point, you have successfully logged in and can access restricted areas or features of the application.



Single Sign-On (SSO)

If Single Sign-On (SSO) is enabled in your system, please use this instead.





Login Errors

If there are any errors during the login process, such as an incorrect username or password, the login page will display an error message. Read the error message carefully to understand the issue and make the necessary corrections.


Some common errors include:

  • mistyped passwords,

  • expired accounts,

  • locked accounts.




Password Reset

On the login page, under the login form, locate the 'Forgot password?' link.

Click on the link to initiate the password reset process.



This will redirect you to a form to enter your email address. Enter the email address associated with your account.


Once you've entered your email address, click on the 'Submit' button. 


After submitting the password reset request, check your email inbox associated with the provided email address. If your email address exists, the system will send a password reset request email to you containing instructions on how to reset your password.




It may take a few minutes for the email to arrive, so please be patient, please also check your ‘Junk Emails’, as it could be delivered there.


The link will direct you to the password reset page where you can enter a new password.


Choose a strong and secure password that you haven't used before. It is often recommended to include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters to make the password more secure.


Enter your new password into the designated field. You will be required to confirm your new password to ensure accuracy. In this case, re-enter the same password in a second field provided for confirmation.


Once you've entered and confirmed your new password, click 'Submit' to finalise the password reset process.


To log in with the new password, return to the login page and enter your email address or username, followed by the newly reset password. 


If everything is successful, you should be able to access your account with the new password.



Log Out

When you finish using the website or application, it's important to log out properly to protect your account and personal information.


The log out function is placed under the profile section. Please click the Log out button to end your session.



NB: Remember to keep your login credentials secure, use strong passwords, and do not share your login information with others. Regularly update your passwords and be cautious when logging in from public or shared devices.

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