March Customer Roadmaps - FAQs

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The following is a list of questions submitted by attendees to the Product Roadmap Webinar which took place on March 26th 2024.


Question Answer
Can you also explore Favourites as you can Collections ie drag/drop?

Yes. Asset Explorer allows you 'grab hold' of an asset and drag it into your favorites, in the same way you can in the navigator panel on the left of the screen.

The navigator panel, on the left of the Asset Explorer screen, is fixed based on the taxonomy or the structure of your content. The favorites, on the right of the Asset Explorer screen, is your 'personal' view, but assets can be dragged and dropped in exactly the same way.  

Are collections the same as groups?

Collections are the same as groups. Collections will be the standard term we use to refer to what have previously been called; groups, services, or collections.

Is there drag and drop for lightboxes and baskets too?

The intention is to have a consistent 'experience' in functionality on both the front-end and back office. We have not mapped out some of this capability yet, but drag and drop is something that you'll be able to do in situations where you need to move assets.

Where does this leave Stacks?

Stacks are a type of group that contain a number of assets. On the front end, they're really useful as they enable a user to see a primary asset, with a collection of assets 'stacked' behind it. 

'Stacks' will be brought forward as part of our new approach to Collections and will ultimately be managed as part of a Collection. 

In terms of how they will appear in Asset Explorer, they will appear as a differentiated collection. You'll manage them as a Collection, with additional options that allow you to render them as a stack on the front end.

Are you intending to standardise search across Front End and Back Office?

Yes. Asset Explorer will use the same fundamental search engine as the front-end search. When you run a search, in Asset Explorer, you will get back the same set of assets as if you run that same search on the front end. 

Will the new system still be Firefox only or can other browsers be used? New generation Capture works on all major browsers. Capture will support the current and previous major versions of all browsers on a rolling basis
Do you need to activate the "Beta One" toggle to see the Asset Explorer capability?

Yes, although as of late April, it will appear as 'Beta-two'.

what about Capture apps for phones/ipads for submission as well as client use? any thought to adding this in future?

Capture sites are built and designed with the mobile experience in mind, so we don't have any intention and wouldn't be able to offer users any additional benefit from having an app for back office or front-end access.

The User Interface for the new generation screens will significantly improve the mobile experience for users. Whilst we don't currently have and don't expect to see admin tasks undertaken on a mobile device, accessing areas such as insights will likely drive increased mobile use.

The use case we do see potentially benefiting from an 'app' does relate to submissions and that is the capture and upload of User Generated Content (UGC), as the app would enable the capture of additional data and permissions. This is something we will review when we look at the Approvals workflow.


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