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The Toolbar is placed above the Workspace panel and provides users with a set of tools for interacting with the assets. The toolbar simplifies and streamlines user's experience by offering quick access to essential functions related to the assets within the system.


Asset Explorer - Toolbar 2.png


The functions available are to mark favourites, to view or hide selected assets, to download or to delete selected assets. Assets are selected in the Workspace panel.

The 6 icons on the left are to show favourites, unpublish assets, publish assets, download assets, delete assets and (if shown) to remove selected assets from the currently selected collection.

The buttons 'Assets' and 'Collections' are toggles. If both are on (shown with a pink background), then assets and collections will be shown. Clicking on either of them turns them off (white background) or back on again.

The 'Sort by' option allows you to sort by relevance, newest or oldest.

The next two icons are used to switch between the grid or list view.

Then finally on the right you can see how many assets are selected. Clicking the X will clear the selection.


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