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Capture has been providing Keywording Services for almost 25 years utilising a network of experts around the World to deliver our Keyword and Manage Keywording operations for over half of Capture's customers, which are coordinated and delivered by our UK-based Customer Success Team.

Any of the following Services can be requested from the Customer Success Team ( Pricing for any of the Services referenced below is available from the Customer Success Team or can be found on Capture's Standard Price list.


Audits & Planning

Keywording Audit

The objective of a Keywording audit is to review existing metadata and keywording workflows to increase and maximise traffic capture and conversion to sales. The audit will look at search performance, improvements that can be made to existing search terms, and data structures, and recommendations for maintaining an optimised performance. The audit comprises:

  • Review of the contents and structure of an existing collection and quantity/quality of associated metadata to ensure they cover the visual content of the assets and use appropriate metadata methodology to describe the content of the assets
  • Review of standard metadata fields and suggestions for customisation and authority files
  • Recommendations for enrichment and improvement of metadata
  • The Service includes a summary report and scope of any suggested updates including a cost for those updates to be undertaken by Capture

Controlled Vocabulary Audit (CV Audit)

The KT Thesaurus Controlled Vocabulary is an incredibly flexible tool that can be expanded to deal with specific content types by creating bespoke/custom categories, branches, terms synonyms etc. Capture's CV Audit provides an assessment and summary report providing recommendations on how the CV could be optimised and adapted to specific customer needs, along with a scope and costs for delivery of those recommendations. The audit comprises:

  • A review of the existing Controlled Vocabulary.
  • Taxonomy recommendations to improve discoverability and ensure the best performance and search results
  • Recommendations for improvements of the existing CV. This would include a comparison with existing data if available (i.e. in a Collection Management System) and concise suggestions for any alterations and/or additions of individual keywords or branches of the KT Thesaurus, in line with the clients individual requirements and according to their preferred standards.
  • The Service includes a summary report and scope of any suggested updates including a cost for those updates to be undertaken by Capture

All of the above are 1-day audits and can be requested from the Customer Success Team via


Outsourced Keywording

Capture's Keywording Services can either be undertaken on a Project or Managed Service basis depending on the requirement in question.


Project Based Keywording, very much as it sounds, are individual requirements that our Keyworders undertake on behalf of a client. The scope of Keywording can vary dramatically depending on the current state of the Metadata and the volume of work required per asset, so a Keywording Audit should be undertaken before a project so the objective and requirements can be clearly defined. Capture uses our Global network of Keyworders to ensure that it is a 'subject matter' expert who is undertaking the work and we can guarantee the quality and accuracy of the work being delivered. Projects are charged on a per-asset basis.

Managed Service

Clients who are regularly uploading or ingesting new content, have a constant requirement to check and ensure the accuracy of the metadata and Keywords being added, which is especially true of requirements that cannot be automated. This can be an incredibly time-consuming process especially for administrators for whom Keywording is one of several remits and responsibilities they have to manage.

Keywording as a Managed Service provides ongoing access to our 'specialist team' who offer a more cost-effective and efficient way of managing regular Keywording requirements delivered to an agreed and consistent standard. 



For Administrators who are undertaking Keywording in-house, Capture can also make available a variety of pre-packaged as well as 'bespoke' training courses to ensure you're consistently up-to-date:

  • An introduction to Keywording / Keywording for new starters
  • Advanced Keywording

Both of the above courses are 1 hr virtual 'closed training courses' for up to 5 attendees. 

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