Proof of Concept (PoC) standard terms

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  • Capture’s standard Terms and Conditions cover the provisioning of any Capture system.
  • A Capture-Express platform is provisioned as part of the Proof of Concept (PoC) basis.
  • The PoC will run for a maximum period of 60 days unless otherwise agreed.
  • It will be assumed that the PoC has been successful unless a notice to terminate has been provided within the agreed timeframe.
  • If the PoC is terminated, end-user access to content will be switched off at the point of termination. Administrator access to content will remain for a period of 120 days after which point access will be switched off and only data left on the system, will be deleted.
  • A successful PoC will result in the customer automatically committing to a standard Capture-Express system, inclusive of 1TB of content on a 12-month term and a one-off setup charge.
  • Storage requirements above 1TB would require an upgrade to Capture-Pro.
  • The PoC does not include services to cover the ingestion of existing content. Professional Services, including those to facilitate content ingestion, can be contracted from Capture as additional services at Capture's standard Professional Services rates.
  • Connection to 3rd party tools such as social media distribution or GreenFly etc is possible once the upgrade to a Capture-Pro system has been confirmed.


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