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Apply parameters to a company CRM record to control the workflow

The download approval process can be applied to user records in Capture's CRM. These parameters need to be applied at company level - so all the members of a particular company will get the same permissions in this regard.

To apply the download approval process to a contact record, find the person (or go straight to the company record to which they belong) and click on the 'Web' tab in the lower part of the screen. Amongst various other permissions, the 'Download Approval Workflow policy' dropdown will be visible.

Selecting 'Manual approval' means that contacts in this company will need to go through the full download approvals process in order to find out whether they can use requested assets. If access is granted they can then access the assets via their 'My details' Downloads section of the Capture front-end website.

Selecting 'Automatic approval' means that when a front-end user wishes to download assets, they must fill in details of the intended use. This is captured in Capture in the normal way - but approval is automatically granted so they can go on and use the assets immediately. This is useful for sites where clients operate on an account basis - they are allowed to download assets and use them and are then invoiced later according to the usage they report - and yet the site owner doesn't want to hold up their clients' workflows. 

Selecting the 'Default' will apply whatever is set up at systems level in Capture - either Automatic approval or Manual approval. This is set up at Admin > Website > Preferences (Classic Capture) or Settings > Preferences (Beta One) in the Lightbox Download Approvals section at the bottom of the page, or using the 'cogwheel' control symbol at top right of the Download approvals screen at Media > Workflow > Download Approval.


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