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Lightboxes > Edit

The Lightboxes > Edit pages allows an administrator to make edits in the back-office to the lightbox of a front-end user. After selecting a lightbox to on the page Settings > Lightboxes & orders > Lightboxes and clicking the Edit icon,  the administrator will see the following screen:

The administrator is able to make changes to the lightbox Title, Owner (from a drop-down menu of front-end customers) and can Comment the lightbox in a free text field.

In the table below, the administrator is able to add comments to individual assets and also delete assets from the lightbox

When deleting assets by clicking on the trash can symbol, the administrator will see a pop-up message confirming that the user does want to delete the asset

The administrator can also sort the content of the table by using the arrows next to the column headings to sort by - Asset ID, Contributor, Description and Project.

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