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The Basket page allows back-office users to view, edit and clone front-end customer Baskets.

The page allows you to view:

  • The customer name
  • The customer company
  • Title of the Basket
  • Assets in the Basket (clicking on the number of assets takes the back-office administator to the Media area of the back-office to view the assets)
  • Date Basket Created

The user can use the arrows next to the headings in the table of Baskets to sort the list by Name, Company, Basket Title, Number of Assets or Date Created.

By using the Default toggle next to each Basket listing, the back-office user is able to set which Basket is the default for the front-end user.

Each listing also has the following options: View, Edit and Clone


The View option allows the back-office user to view the contents of the front-end Basket in the Back office


The Edit option allows the back-office user to make edits to the front-end Basket, including changing the licence selected or manually changing the price of an asset.


The Clone option allows the back-office user to make a copy of a front-end Basket. The user will be asked if they want to proceed with the cloning:

Once the user has chosen to do so the cloned Basket will appear in the list. The user can then make edits to the Basket as required.


Filtering Basket list

Using the filter option the back-office user can search the list by specific criteria:

The Basket listing will change to show only those matching the criteria selected.

The back-office user can also use the pagination selection controls to jump to a specified page in the list:


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