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Event Log

The Event Log provides back-office administrators visibility into who has performed various functions on your back office site.



Expanded Log

Clicking on the "v" expands each log to show additional information relevant to the specific activity. This data may include start and end time and filenames.




Filters within the Event Log page allow users to refine and narrow down their Event Log based on specific criteria. Filters help you focus on specific subsets of users, activities or date ranges.


How to use filters?

Click on the filter icon to prompt the filter form.


You can filter by:

  • Activity

  • User

  • Date Range

Once you have made your selection, click 'Apply'. This action will instruct the system to display only the Event Logs that match your criteria.


The date Range is selected by means of a Date Range picker where you can click to select start and end dates:


You can select which Events are logged using the Event Type page.

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